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      DE end-shield(G)
      NED end-shield(G)
      B5 Flange(G)
      B14 end-shield(G)
      Terminal box(G)
      B5 Flange(H)
      B14 end-shield(H)
      B14B end-shield
      Terminal box(H)
      DE end - shield(F)
      NED end - shield
      B5 Flange
      B14 end - shield
      B5 Flange(YX3)
      B14 end-shield(YX3)

    ADDRESS: No.3 Muxi Rd,Muxi Industrial
    TEL: 0751-8855836 8855568
    FAX: 0751-8855826
    E-mail: sgtaiming6@163.com
    POST CODE: 512026

    The 4th furnace succeeded in 2011-1-28
    The 4th furnace succeeded in 2011-1-28
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